Connect a screen with a new project AIA file

hello , first i wanted to make a textbox and when user entered spaces between lettres , it will wipe automatically without any button , only textbox
fist i downloaded a extension to do that (AIX file) like this photo but didnt work and spaces stayed
someone said to download other file (AIA file) and it worked correctly

but i have a small problem, i did a login form in general , when users dont have a account , they will type in sign up button to go to another page when users will register all their informations but if i want to use " open another screen " to open it ,i cant to use the second form(AIA file) who worked correctly , this photo will explain for your what i mean

l_LI_Moment (3)

I believe you should learn how to use Mit App Inventor

I you can not replicate correctly the blocks from one project to another, simply add them to back pack and paste them to fashion project
Right click mouse in block section and choose Copy all blocks to Backpack

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