Completing the survey on another screen

Hi. after selecting a button, i would like the text to appear on another screen. How can i do this?

first you can use TinyDB second you can use this block :

so what do you want to use?

Use the open new screen block.
If your text can be decided once the button is clicked, you can use start value or tinyDB to transport the value to the other screen.

Example Using (Open Another Screen) Block :

blocks (1)

Aia Project :
NewSurvey.aia (3.0 KB)

Example Using (TinyDB) Component :

blocks (2)

blocks (3)

Aia Project :
TinyDB_Survey.aia (3.4 KB)

I mean to use a "checkbox" and with each selection the text should appear on a different screen. after answering many questions, the user will be redirected to a screen where he has received a text depending on his answer.

yeah, you can use the logic above, you just need to replace the textbox with checkbox.

Example :

You can use the logic above, and you just need to replace this:

with this :
component_set_get (1)

it works. but my point is for the screen to open up after all the questions are answered. I also don't know why the button name is displayed on the next screen.

can you show me all your blocks

I would like each of the buttons to set different text and the name of the selection button is not visible.blocks (1) blocks

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If you are store data, you must use different tag names, so you can get different data.
for example :

blocks (1)


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you might want to read tip 1 here


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nothing happens when these values ​​are changed. each button displays the value "value1"

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What is the output of Tiny_DB1.GetTags ? I am guessing it is empty, therefore track back and find out why ?

blocks (6)

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You don't show the output of GetTags on Screen2 ?

how to set them?

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I believe that your problem is you are trying to getTags before you have changed the state of the two checkboxes. You will have to change them (tick on or off at least once) before they are saved to the tinydb.

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