Compartir proyecto con otra persona

hola quiero saber como podria trabajar en grupo con un solo proyecto de una app inventor, es decir que otra persona pueda trabajar en el mismo proyecto

Welcome Hector.

Here are some ideas:

You can go to this link:

Press the button 'Continue Without an Account'. Then, you will see a popup displaying your code. Copy the code to save it. You can distribute the code (AAAA-BBBB-CCC-DDDD) to your friends.

Now, you can use the code as an account!

but only one person can use this at any one time!!

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y donde esta ese codigo?
como sigo sin una cuenta, donde esta?

Welcome Erika.
if you use the code.appinventor ... url

Press at #1

and you should see something like this:


Copy the code highlighted in green . Keep that number safe as you need it to return to any Projects you create. Where? See #3. This number is unique for this coding account. Do not lose it. It can be shared with others but only one user can access the account at a time. That means you and someone else cannot use it simultaneously.


Thx! It was very helpful.