Compare the images

It's possible compare different images?for example for shapes o colors?
Do you have a idea?

can you explain more detail?

Perhaps this is what you want to do

The artificial intelligence example might work for shapes but probably not colors. You would have to build a training file with different shapes.

Here is another possibility TMIC: App Inventor Extension for the Deployment of Image Classification Models Exported from Teachable Machine

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Exact or similar match?

How about comparing two Base-64 Strings @Juan_Antonio

P.S. I haven't explored capabilities of this work.

Is this for one of those Find The Differences puzzles?

Is a game ...
I'm dream a game where in the image that the people take there are the symbol and in the code I want that recognises the shapes
I'm so sorry for my English

Is a extension?

But personal image classification is a extension?

yes MIT App Inventor Extensions

Thanks😋I try with a canvas but I have found only colors and stop ..

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