Companion problems

The companion suddenly started throwing this error last night:
Attempt to invoke virtual method 'java.lang.String java.lang.Throwable.toString()' on a null object reference. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I'm using version 2.70 and it seems like the reason for this error has been an out of date companion. @Akhil_Muraleedharan had a post about this. Is there a newer version?

No, 2.70 is the current companion.

You may need to share your aia project so that someone can take a look, see what is happening

Ok, I can do that.

SlideBall.aia (29.4 KB)

Here's how you should have left your blocks for others to read:

Remove that empty if/then block.
SlideBall (1).aia (29.5 KB)

There appears to be an issue with your red ball.

I deleted the red ball and the error went away. You may need to do the same, and then reinstate the blocks (take some screenshots of blocks and designer before deleting)

As @ABG says you have some empty blocks in and around when orangeball edge reached event

SlideBall_mod1.aia (29.4 KB)

yes, that is the problem....For some strange reason, that ball has strange dimensions...

@TIMAI2 I saved a copy of the project pre-fix.
@ABG Yes sorry about that I was in the middle of building the notifier when I saw the error.
Thanks for the help!

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