Companion Connection

WHen I try to connect my app to the companion on my phone, it will load to 10 % and stop. The companion app does not show it is connected at all.

Which version of the companion are you using and are you using it on Android or iOS?

I am using IOS

Are you on companion version 2.60 or 2.64?

Can you include a screenshot of the exact state of the progress bar and its messages?

Post the aia.

How do I find the version number?

The companion version number is shown on the iOS device below the "scan QR code" button.

Just to clarify, when you get stuck at 10% the popup has not opened?

The pop up opens, and it says "press here" which I do

The version is 2.64

Thanks for the information. I'm looking through the code now try and get a better understanding of how it gets into this state.

Does the project contain any extensions?

Let me check it on my iOS devices. So post the aia or send it to me via PM.

what is aia?

So download the aia to your computer and then upload it here:

Rockmart_middle_school_checkpoint1.aia (2.5 MB)

Are you able to connect if you run your browser in private browsing/incognito mode with extensions turned off?

how do I do that?

that worked but now I got an error on the companion