Combine 2 pictures

hi, I'm making a game where are skins. I wanted to customize skin, for example, there is a hat and you can add it to every skin. And my question is: is there any extension (I can't find) to combine 2 pictures, like skin and a hat? Or is there any other way to do this.

I think there is a sticker view extension by Atom.
Search in extension directory.

it is, but its paid

Perhaps this ?

I understand that both pictures to be combined will be the same size. The hat will have a transparent background and will be positioned in the correct place.


cool, but which transform value do you prefer? dst_atop?

You probably want to start with source/destination over.

ok, but which transform value do you prefer

I like them all :wink:

Make yourself a test app and try out all transformation methods. Then choose the one that's right for you.


Do you want something like this?


If you do not want the "hat" to be permanent, you could look at placing the background image in an arrangement, with a button inside that has the "smaller" foreground image.....