Colourize Text in a Label - just for fun

A little routine to colourise text letter by letter in a label


[Edit Colours List]

there may be more that work...


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Could we see the rest of that colours list?
Or an .aia file?

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Nice one Tim. It's the more exotic colours that don't work like DarkViolet, MediumOrchid etc. A pity too that you can't just input hex values.

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This should work with both hex and rgb.

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That is the code used in Tim's example. It is limited to a subset HTML that Android 'knows'. Not only that, it is limited to HTML4 (a 'good' thing in this case since HTML 5 does not support in-line colour via HTML but via CSS).

For better flexibility, a web component can be used - then the world is your oyster, but it requires a bit more code to build and a degree in nuclear physics to read-write.