Collin tree list view and data from mysql - Are There limits on row numbers?


Just run the query by itself, does that return responseContent ?

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...also, delete 'Thumbs.db' from the Media tray.

Another thought - the images downloaded to display in the List - are they nice and small both dimensionally and file size?

Tried the revised aia, still going into an infinite loop somewhere...

The problem is "somewhere" :slight_smile:

This is all that is needed:


Fetching the data only takes a couple of seconds, it is formatting and compiling the colinTree Listview that takes the time (probably fetching all the images). I set the ShowListsAsJson to ticked as well.

Suggest to use the method as indicated by Dora

Thanks i'll try that!

after the mods i can see finally the result of "birra" but also when i scroll is very very slow like the phone is crashing!

You could always try using the AI2 Listview ?

In ai2 listview there aren't images if i am not wrong.

I need them and is the reason why i choiced colin list view

You are wrong. Where have you been for the last 8 months :wink:

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Which is why I asked:

Images that are too large will also slow down App Inventors List.

Just tested with listview, response and display is much quicker


so cool! so the problem was related to colin list view?

spesa_1_test2 (1).aia (105.9 KB)

is much faster with ai2 listview!

but i cannot see lines between rows
is it possible to put them like in colin tree listview?

Currently the lines between rows is not available with listview

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