Collin tree list view and data from mysql - Are There limits on row numbers?

can you send me the aia file that works for you with all 3 words?

because i did the correction but stil fail


Tested via Companion, Android 10:
spesa_1_test2.aia (103.7 KB)

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Tested also as an APK. Works, but it's slow. I think this is the online database? (even though I have super fast broadband).

Food for thought: If you could download the database to the phone (if size is not an issue), the very first time the User runs the App, then subsequent downloads could be updates to the database. That I think would improve speed and also the User would not have to be online initially unless there was an update to download.

Thanks for the aia file!

but also with it still crashes for me searching word "birra" with smartphone and also on PC

That's interesting. Here, it is just slow, takes about 10-15 seconds before the List is displayed.

By "on PC" you mean the Emulator? The standard Emulator cannot run a complex App, it's good for simple testing of code snippets.

Try on your device as an APK.

By the way, what is your device? Manufacturer/Model/Android version.

Make sure there is nothing else 'eating' your broadband when you test.

my phone!

i installed also apk on bluestacks emulator on PC and app crasches

Install on your actual phone. Bluestacks certainly should work too.

Your phone is similar to mine. Do you have additional Anti-virus software on it? That could cause issues - put your App (APK) and the MIT Companion on it's 'White' list.

yes building apk on both (my phone and bluestack) crash!

no i don't use any antivirus

the strange thing is that if i search for "panna" all is fine!

if i search for "moretti" that is a kind of birra is fine...

The pop-up message in your screenshot - is that from the Companion? What does it say in English?

Also, when the App Crashes, does it just disappear from the screen or is there a System error message?

on smarthphone i have this message in english is app is not answering. Do you want to close it? CLose or wait! if i wait nothing happens and the error message appear after a while

while on bluestack crash closing app and disappear immediately

When you get that pop-up, choose wait.

yes i did... i waited and re-appear after a while in a loop

Add these Blocks (copy to Backpack), to get more info.

GetErrorInfo.aia (31.6 KB)

adding them!

wait i'll tell you what happens!

Also, in Web Got Text, you only report a 201 code. You should just report any code that is not 200. In the same Block, you assign the response Content to two different Lists - is that really necessary?

spesa_1_test2.aia (105.0 KB)

just the same!

wait close with no more infos

Hmm - just tried that test project, works without errors!

When you enter "birra", do you tap the return button before the Cerca button? That's what I am doing......

Follow this Guide:

i tryed also to tap the enter button before cerca button but i have always same problem