Listview after picking change screen

I moved from colin tree listview to ai2 listview be
spesa_1_test2 (1).aia (105.7 KB)
cause is faster retrieving data from mysql server

i had

in my old app to move to another screen with start value..

i cannot reproduce with listview

Another question related to listview : is it possible to add lines between rows?

Well it isn't :grin: It's faster at processing the data downloaded.

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Your code looks OK to me - but since you have a TinyDB, there is no need to use start values, you can save and restore from TinyDB.

I don't think so, but it's a feature being added in a later release.

it's very fast processing data... 3 times or more than colintree listview

oh ok!
will be a nice feature! data in list will be more clear!

yes i don't know why the first time i built app doesn't work!
now seems ok