Collect and sort scores with the same email address in the list

You know the difference between a Google Sheet and an AI2 Screen, right?
These are my Google Sheets ...

There is no need for a different page. Just change the sheet name in your references to the sheets.

responseContent is always text.

The sort block you used only works on simple lists, not tables (lists of lists).

If you want to sort it like a table, you have to turn the text into a table, using the appropriate list from csv table conversion block.


Then you use this block to sort the table:

Seems to work. :slight_smile:

Depends on what you want as a result.
How would you tell that sort block you want it sorted by the second or third column of the table?

but I am not :astonished: but I could sort on any column using
to sort on the fifth column. But Ozzy wants to collect scores based on the first column so the example was simple without those blocks.

It will sort the pointList3 in ascending order of the 5th item which will be 7,11,50 :astonished:

See this tutorial showing how simple it is to sort by columns .

@Ceit89 you can filter your main list using these Blocks. The example filters on 'butter'; you can use the eMail address I think.


Perhaps this is clearer

I forgot I has this sample in stock:

here is an example for above:

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test.aia (1.4 MB)

yes i know, will i collect new tab angle points in my own table, that's the part i don't understand

Thank you for the aia. Sorry I can not read this and get the app to run . I had to guess what you need to do to filter by eMail and total individual score total.

In your kadol Screen, replace the Web.GotText code with this

The code is supposed to replace the original trmVeriler with a filtered copy using the email in ePosta.Text .The copy replaces the original trmVeriler List. You could rename it filteredList if you want. Use DoIt to check whether it filtered the eMail properly returns the results you wanted.

If the filter works then try the code in Button4.

Once you make the filteredEmailList, you should now be able to use the Button4 blocks to make a List of all the points associated with the ePosta.Text eMail and then total the points.

I cannot test this. Sorry. However YOU can. Does any of it work? :slight_smile:

Good luck.

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What is a tab angle point ?

If it's the same points the rest of the thread is summing and grouping, that's not something you would want to keep permanently, as long as you have the original detail data and the procedures to regenerate a summary table from the detail table.

Data should have only one place to live, with no clones running around to confuse provenance.


Ref link

Above image tells sum of each unique email id


Ref Link

above image tells, sum of count

since, your data isin gsheet, you can try gviz method too ( based on post no1.)

Thank you very much for your help, it got a little better, but I haven't reached the result yet. I changed the got web text on the sign up screen. When I write the following codes, this output appears on the screen, I think there is one last step left.

Since I am a beginner yet, this part confused me a lot, should I create a single table for this scoring section and get the data by calculating it each time? did i get it right

This method seems very practical, but I don't know how to make these formulations, I guess I'm a beginner. Can I query from within app inventor?

which method you want ? ref 1 or ref 2?

just have to work with web url only instead of calling the whole sheet

probably ref 2, so the one found in this link SAYAM

try like this

pls replace the web url with this url in the screen init..

when web got text please use some variable then think what you want to make it C, sum(E) group by C
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that's great, now I'm working on the sorting process

Using @Spicy_Topics provided url, you can specify any individual eMail (I think) using the filtered list Block.

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