CloudDBError: Unknown reply

And another one to say while developing the app after completing a day work i would save and close and the next day come blocks will be missing and some changes to a wrong place but before I download this i saw once and twice the blocks then i download it

The Total button has a bunch of AND conditions to try to detect if any of its input fields are blank. I imagine you want to issue an error message if the user left any of the 6 fields blank.
But the test you are applying (length(text field) = ' ') is always going to be false because you are taking the length of a field, which will return a number >= 0, and comparing that number against ' '.
length of blank is 0 not blank
This is the test you should have if you don't want ANY blank inputs ...

After any session I always Project->Export an .aia file, and save it in my free dropbox folder, so it is backed up. Your pc might have the capability to store multiple versions.

If it is a big project, I might also do a Project->Save As -> projectNameV(n+1) as fallback.
My biggest project is up to V186.

Here is the test for a bunch of number inputs ...

Regarding that CloudDB error, I have some suspicions about the code called by the SAVE button in

What is in the tag you are using for your CloudDB save?
Can you capture your tags somewhere before you use them for CloudDB saves?

Here are some blocks to drag into your Blocks Editor to get more information about your CloudDB error:

Try to retest with these, to get more debugging information. sir the names shop 1,shop 2,shop 3 are the tags for both the 1st screen and 2nd screen

Sir for the properties in those tboxes i gave only numbers so no problem of this sir

Thanks sir

I will try sir

sir still now it shows the same UNKNOWN REPLY: even i gave the when cloud db.error block
Can you tell what is wrong

It's impossible to diagnose further without the current .aia export file.

Yes sir here is the .aia fileWATER_CAN_AND_BOTTLE_CALCULATING_APP (1).aia (169.7 KB)

By matching the title and button text of the new CloudDB error event notification to your popup image, we can be assured that this is indeed a CloudDB error. That text appears nowhere else in your app.

Reexamining the data you feed to CloudDB, I notice places where you use "1/2Lr" in your values. The "/" character might be causing problems for CloudDB, as it is used in tags to separate hierarchy levels. (This is a wild guess, but easy to test.)

Attached is a revised version of your app, with all 1/2 replaced by 0.5 (double check it, please).

If that doesn't work, it will be necessary to instrument your app to load all calls to CloudDB, with operation, tag and value) before issuing any CloudDbcall. so we can see exactly which call and tag/value caused the error.

P.S. Another observation ...
You are really hammering CloudDb often with GetTagList operations, even before the previous operation has had a chance to return a value. You might be causing the CloudDB component to stumble.

Sir i use' | ' to seperate text and not this'/'

Sir or else can i replase the cloud db with another tinydb with different namespase

If yes can you please tell that a tiny db can save* the data that this cloud db is saving and for how much time can it save. For example if it saves this data for 7 to 10 times a day(*i meant the call cloud db save value block used in this project)

The important difference between CloudDb and TinyDB is in the number of people who need to update the data across different phones.

If it's just you on one phone, you can do it in TinyDB.

Multiple NameSpaces are for cases where you want to store different data under the same tag, or want to partition your data by date range for easy cleanup.

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