CloudDBError: Unknown reply

When i run my app it ran properly for first some time then it strated showing this error

what can i do.

It saves the data but not showing it in the list view

You have a cloudDB error that needs fixing.

Are you using the MIT cloudDB or your own redis Server? The MIT cloudDB server can be known to be unreliable at times, it may not always work.

WATER_CAN_AND_BOTTLE_CALCULATING_APP.aia (150.5 KB) my project's aia form

I am using the mit cloud dB
Because i don't know how to set a redis and

You also sent how to set up an redis server but I cannot understand that codes as i am studying just 8th standard

Can you please tell me how to set up an redis server but without codes.

Or can you please send the codes

Seems to work OK, without error, I can't get to the Update or Delete buttons - how to activate these ?

You can learn how to setup radis server from here :!msg/mitappinventortest/JcVDvm0HJTs/wugdaiKQDwAJ

Or if you want to setup redis server using SSL you can learn from here :

After picking from list view they will be enabled then if any one of them was clicked they will be disabled

What is redis server with ssl???
I cannot understand

Can't understand those codes given to set up a redis server

By the way, your blank testing is baloney:

Try using the first method, the second method only applies if you pay for a redis server, if you still want to try the free version you can use the first method.

if you want to know more about SSL you can read here :

Sir i cant understand what you are trying to say

I can't understand how to set up a normal redis server also . All the codes are confusing :disappointed_relieved::flushed:

If you want you can also take a look at my apps screen recording

When i first downloaded this app there were no problem i can save multiple Shop names delete update it. While calculating the balance will be automatically updated on the Shop update screen the buttons will te enabled on the correct time . But after some time everything gone wrong even all the buttons are enabled whenever an enabled button is clicked. My app has gone mad after some time of installing :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Can anyone reply what happened to my app