Clouddb storage

Hello everyone...Kindly help me .how much total data I can store in cloud db

If you are looking to store a large amount of data in cloudDB, then you should really run your own redis server, and provide your own storage. The MIT provided cloudDB has sufficient capacity for users to carry out their "testing" of the component on a small scale, it is not intended for production apps.

About how much data I can save 1 gb 2 gb etc.

Can u guide me how can I run my own redis server

MIT monitor usage of cloudDB and would contact/block heavy users...


Hello tell me anyone how can I edit and save text in listview items.i want to change saved text in listview

Save the changed data in the underlying list, then reload the listview from that list.

Underlying list available in listview or where

How much data can you store in a movie projector?

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You can use a global variable holding a list.

Kindly help me can I update saved text in clouddb storage......using listview

Please show your relevant blocks

Also, please tell us your data structure.

Here is an example aia project that may help you ?

cdbTextBoxes.aia (2.9 KB)

Thanks......It helped me....Now I can edit and save text again in clouddb storage

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