Close the buttons below the phone

Hello, I want the buttons under the phone not to be seen in my application, which is> 0 |||

it is difficult for some people to read the buttons in text pls provide an img instead

Well, go back every time the page goes out

what do you mean by this?

Buttons under the phone


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you mean back button minimize button and all that?

you cannot hide them i think

I mean this is not a plugin because my selection page is a view and these buttons are annoying

That's a Navigation Bar. Users have asked this question before, but I don't think this is available with App Inventor.


However, it is available with Kodular, using the Show Navigation Bar feature in the Screen.


This aix only checks if it has or not I want to hide it is another plugin please


I don't think it works for App Inventor. As so far, this feature in Kodular @ is still experimental. Why would you need to hide it?

That is, it is not in the app inventor?

No, it is not in App Inventor.

I mean this please

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Sorry I did not understand what you mean