Close All Types Of Notifications

How can I stop showing all types of notifications on the screen after clicking a button?

How can I cancel all the activities that are running in the application after clicking a button?

How can I code such that the app did not do any activity given by the user while the sound is running?

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Please anybody help me in this questions.

Ask the question in more detail so that everyone knows what you are asking.

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He says that when button click then the user do not recieve any notification

Yes, this is right
Edit: Also remove the notification that appears on the screen before clicking the button.

I did not want sound like this

I want sound like this but if there is playing one sound, then I click to another button then another voice also play with first voice.
And also the background music did not pause if I minimize the app, it only stop when I fully close the app.
Screenshot (55)

I want to remove this notification when I click Screen1.BackPressed.

@Sarthak I don't see a reason why Screen.BackPressed should open a drawing dialogue. Could you please send a screenshot of your code?

No, no I put this message when the screen initialize but I want to remove this message from the screen when we click Screen.BackPressed. So, how can I do that? Please help in that.

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I request you all to help in this

I don't think you can do it... there is no Notifier.Close method...
probably a notifier extension is offering a method like this...? just do a search in the extension directory for notifier or toast... App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps

what you could do is to disable BackPressed while the notifier still is open...


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Could you please send a [.aia] file of your code?

I will send that but there is a chance that the app will leak.

Ok, please PM me instead

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I am unable to find the extension for Toast.

Please help me in finding the extension for Toast.