Clock Error in iOS for make a instant

Hi @Anke,
Only for help. To calculate HH, MM and SS from MillSeconds I use this function:

I think we need minus blocks for this calculation than others.
To format HH, MM, SS I use your functions as you have wrote.

Hi @ewpatton
About the Duration blocks to can calculate the millsec between two dates-times, the first Duration block is running well in iOS. The second not.
The problem is the amount of blocks that we need to put on the first Duration block. Only by the Hours will be managed in format "hh a" and not "HH" as in Android.

I ask about if is it possible to put these blocks running with formats "HH" additional to "hh a", as we have in Android?


Prima¡¡. Excellent function code for put and format HH:MM:SS from a MillSeconds

Hi @Anke,

What do you think will be better to calculate the Duration between Dates?
The first wit AI2 Duration function or the second with only math?
I ask it because may be there is probñems with the UTM.