ClickTools - An Extension To Add Click Events To Arrangements And View Components

Thank you very much @Automate_MyProject

Maybe, but you don't know other's needs :wink:

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Ok ok ok I will return id and component both.


Here is the new version of extension :partying_face:


component_event (3)

component_method (2)
Now it returns the component instead of id
Thanks to @WatermelonIce for suggestion

New blocks

component_method (3)
component ~ component
It performs click of component without clicking that component. It can be done using procedures also still I thought to add it to extension.

component_event (4)
Now it is possible to do long click of component.


in.vedang.clicktool.aix (8.4 KB)


But sadly no unRegister method....

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Sorry for that :sob: will be added

I wanted to ask, why does anyone want to register an already clickable object? But the new longclick option make sense.

@Techno_Vedang, very useful extension. Thank you!

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@Zol you are wrong. We don't know how others will use the extension so clarifying all things is always correct.

Thank you very much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :upside_down_face:

More suggestions: Add the touchup and touchdown event :wink:

It is the View.OnTouchListener

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sure but tomorrow


Great extension :+1: :+1:

Is it similar to this :point_down:

They are clickable by default as I think.


Thank you very much :star_struck:

i think so :innocent:

I think they are not clickable until we put a on click listener on it :grin:

Hmmm... Listener is different from clickable.


Actually you can controll if they are clickable or not using setClickable method, it's by default, set to true, but if it got set to false, neither the native click event nor the extension can detect touches on.
BTW, after the update only the long click event works, the click event doesn't work.


Then @Techno_Vedang might need to make an urgent update again as soon as possible :sweat_smile:

In Kodular it is, but I'm not sure about AI2

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Let me test it now with setClickable method in AI2 :wink:

BTW, you can add a separate block for registering long click , i think that should solve it.


both are not possible in one block?

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Nice Extension, Vedang​:v::v:

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Yes, it looks like this.

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I am not able to use the extension when registered and clicked, nothing triggers.

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