Cleartext traffic error playstore

Hi there guys/ladies,

I need some help about this one wich i can't figure out.
As soon my app get tested in a closed test from google my results ends up in a few warnings wich i can ignore but also a error about Cleartext traffic.
Now i understand i need to change the network_security_config file by changing the CleartexttrafficPermittedbase-configtrue to CleartexttrafficPermittedbase-configfalse

As soon i try to change this and accept the change within the apk it won't start the app anymore wich is understandeble. extract the apk won't help much either, within appinventor there's nothing i can find to change this also.
Does someone have a solution for this or a way to help me out?

Ignore it.

thanks, i tought that google wasnt able to publish the app before the error was fixed.

Hi, did you solve? I have the same problem too.

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