Google Play Console - Special Permission Needed - App Does Not Go Online On Google Play


I uploaded an app on Google Play. But it is not the in the Play shop, because Google has send me this warning (it was in German language):

"Plain text traffic allowed for all domains
Your app's network security configuration allows traffic in clear text for all domains. This allows the data sent by your app to be intercepted. For sensitive data or personal information, this can compromise the privacy of your users.

You have the option to allow only encrypted traffic. To do so, set cleartextTrafficPermitted to false or add an encryption policy for specific domains."

How can I give permission within AppInventor - or was the whole app for Google Play in vain? Does someone please have an idea how to solve this problem? It is my Easy TTS to MP3 app. If you need it, I can also post a code, if necessary. Thank you very much in advance.

Ignore it.

Hello Anke,
I would like to it ignore it, but the app was uploaded on 02/09/2023 and until to day it is not online. The Google Play console is very confusing for me, because it has many possibilities and the features are not so easy to view like on Amazon apps, where I also have apps. I created an encryption policy and I put it into the Privacy Policy area. I think it is strange, that the review needs more then 16 days. I will read your link now. Thank you very much!

Was wird denn in der Google Play Dev Console angezeigt: 'Wird geprüft'? Falls ja, dann musst du einfach abwarten. Ansonsten teil es uns mit. Vlt. ist eingestellt, dass die App nicht automatisch veröffentlicht wird.

ja, du hast völlig recht. Zum einen hatte ich so etwas wie "Nicht automatisch veröffentlichen eingestellt" und zum anderen habe ich gelesen, dass momentan Behörden-Apps/Covid-19-Apps vorgezogen werden und deshalb die Bearbeitung anderer Apps länger dauert. Die Verwaltungseinstellung habe ich vorhin geändert. Recht unübersichtlich die ganze Google Play Console. Ja die Console zeigt "Wird geprüft". Schönen Abend!

The translation is really frighteningly bad. :upside_down_face:

Should be something like this:
"The whole Google Play Console is quite confusing. Yes, the console shows 'In review'."