Chromebook Emulator Companion App Needs Update

I have a class using MIT App Inventor on their chromebooks. They have been able to the use the Chromebook Emulator Companion app successfully since August. Today, one student is having issues connecting. When she presses Connect > Chromebook, the emulator pop up but the app does not load. Instead a box pops up that says "Your companion app is out of date. Restart the companion and use it to scan the QR code below in order to update." Obviously, this is not possible because the companion is directly connected through the chromebook app.

We have tried reinstalling the app. We also checked her permissions and deleted all cookies. What next steps should we take.

Try downloading the Companion.apk file directly from the MIT AI2 site, and dragging the file into an open emulator window.

That should force install of the new version.

Are you installing the Companion app through the Play Store on your Chromebooks ?

Hello Amelia - that is with reference to the Companion installed on a Smartphone.

If you can, use the Companion on a Smartphone. There are issues with the not-yet-released New Emulator (compatible with Chromebook) but the current Emulator is very old, so issues with that can be expected too - I just tried on Windows, same outcome as your student.

There doesn't seem to be a 3rd party emulator for Chromebook unfortunately.

I will try that.

Yes, we installed it through the Play Store.

OK, it is not an Emulator, as we know it, it is just the companion app running on the Chromebook (just like it does on a smartphone.)

What version companion is installed on the chromebook?

You would use the Play Store to update the companion app.

Reading your original post, I usually start the companion app, then Connect > AI Companion, when the six digit code appears I then type that into the companion app, and away I go.

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Depending on how everything is managed, the app might be installed by an administrator via a Google Apps for Education domain. If that's the case, you may need to have an administrator for the domain to initiate the upgrade on all of the Chromebooks.

In the meantime, the window prompting you to upgrade in App Inventor should have a "Not Now" button that will allow you to proceed without needing to do the upgrade.

This has helped! The "Not Now" button worked. I also suspect our tech department needs to update the app on their end. Our restrictions are tight. Thanks!

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Hello Amelia, that is good to know. Sorry I was trying to point you in the wrong direction, forgetting that Chromebooks run chrome OS and therefore are effectively the 'Smartphone' - I have been using Windows for too long!

Your Tech department do need to be involved - there is more than one computer in your School I'm sure :grin:

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