ChatBot UNUSABLE -- PERMANENT ERROR: Quota Exceeded error

I created a chatbot ap about 3 weeks ago. Maybe asked it about 7 questions ( success) and never used it again.
I launched it 3 weeks later ( today) and I am getting 404: Quota Exceeded permanently.

There appears to be no increase in quota over time as suggested in the other post on this error.
I don't see how the chatbot can ever be used by me.

Chat_AI2.aia (35.6 KB)
I had added RESET CONVERSATION after every CONVERSE block. Makes no difference.

But I just fired up the AP and all of a sudden its working again ?
Any idea what is going on ?

Have you shared this app with others? If so, they're using your quota as the quota is per App Inventor-generated token and all users of a compiled app will use the same user token.

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I have not shared the compiled AP.
Are you sure the quota is not for ALL APs ? (Else every AP can generate its own unique token ?)
So what is the quota ? x accesses per day/hour/week ..... ? per character/ word/line ... ? or .... what ?
And quota increment z per day/month/hour ?
Blocked yesterday and accessing today does not suggest a token per AP.

as described here:

You can avoid the App Inventor user quota by signing up for your own ChatBot api key..Introducing ChatGPT and Whisper APIs

If you want a higher 'quota', obtain your own ChatBot api key instead of using thee limited amount of free usage MIT provides for experimenters.

You could use Gordon's ChatBot extension [F/OS] 🧠 Artificial Intelligence and OpenAI! instead of the ChatBot tool.

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There is no quota applied if people use their own API keys (except those set from the OpenAI side). The quota is only applied if the MIT-provided token is used because we need to control our costs.

Thanks Steve -- looks like both those links take you to Pricing ( eventually) where it appears that neither option is free any more.
( calculating the "quota usage" using the unknown "quota" doesn't make sense to me)

When you read-onwards you will see that new users receive a $5 credit

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