Chat List view Availability

Is there have any free chat list view extension?

Why don't you search?

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Yes, this one.

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I had this already! but how can I use it ?, can you help me with example please?

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I am searching until now but I can't find free and compatible with MIT.

Please don't "bump" your topics - this might result in your topic going further down in the list. Patiently wait for someone to help you.

The extension was unfortunately discountinued (by the author, I saw his post on Niotron).

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Here is a sample project that displays a chat without using any extension ...

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cheers! I already got my favorite chat view. thanks for TIMAI2 he saved my time and his program is understandable. finally thanks for everyone who respond for my questions. :pray: :pray: :pray:

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Wait when did Tim respond ?
Also show the .aia here so that others get help from it.

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AI2ChatView.aia (121.6 KB)
finally understand this block which makes you to add extra feature and make the interface so attractive

Made by TIMAI2.

Was that really made by TimAI2? Often, when your blocks look like a chainsaw, they could do with being optimised.


quite probably :wink: When generating dynamic components to a "view" there can be many blocks for formatting a component which generate the "pitsaw" look.

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  1. hi TIM how can I clear once all those dynamic component? and make the holder empty if I want. can you help me please....
  2. and also I want to make the height of parent panel and label to be automatic can you suggest me how could it be?

TIM still I'm waiting you for automatic height panel.
but I got the technique to remove all dynamic component.

Set your dynamic components accordingly

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