ChartMaker does not work

Dear community,
trying to display a graph, I tried to use ChartMaker unfortunately without success.
Following the instructions I always get error messages simular to:

Blockquote RuntimeError. Irritants: (The operation DrawPieChart cannot accept the arguments: , ["Headline"], [["string", "number"]], [["Activity", "Time"]], [["No 1", "No 2", "No 3"]], [[7, 5, 10]], [false] Bad arguments to DrawPieChart)

If you need more information, please do not hezitate asking me.


It seems you have a problem with your arguments, please show your blocks.

Welcome Marcus.

Are you attempting to use Chartmaker with ios? Ios apps cannot be used with extensions.

This part of your error message

probably indicates you are not compiling for an Android.

Try again with a real Android device and tell us what happens

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Hello Steve,
that's correct. I am using an iOS device and did not know, that extensions do not work there. Many thanks for this information.
Do you have an idea, how to create easy diagrams, like a line-diagram.

Hello Nyctophilia_FMA,
I think, Steve found the point, why it does not work. Just for information I will upload the aargument. They should (hopefully) be correct.

You can use the canvas, its various drawing tools, and a clock timer to refresh

It says WebViewer, not Web.

You are correct, but it won't make any difference, ios cannot use extensions :slight_smile:

There is a test charting component on a test server, if you want to look ahead ...

I made it.


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Also see here

You are right. After changing to "WebViewer1" I got the following error message:

Blockquote invoke: unable to invoke method DrawPieChart in object of type boolean. Irritants: ()
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

I will try to test the other suggestions now.

Many thanks to you, Nyctophilia_FMA, for your example. I have tested canvas and can now successfully draw diagrams.
I have just one question let: if I draw a driagram when clicking on a button, the expected line will be shown, see figure 1. But, if I want to show the diagram when opening the new screen (when screen_xy initialize) the line will not be displayed, see figure 2. Why is the line not shown when changing to the screen?

Figure 1: Drawing a disgram when clicking on a button

Figure 2: Drawing a diagram when initializing the screen

Well, if i understood correctly, in figure 2 you open screen 1 or 3, but you set up blocks for screen2.

With the two buttons, I switch to other screens. That works well, the two first blocks in fugure 2 are no problem.
But, If I change to screen 2 (i.e. from screen 1), the line from the function "DrawLine" will not be shown.

There might be an order of operations issue where the screen hasn't fully drawn yet when Initialize is called, so your DrawLine operation ends up being a no-op. I'd be interested in seeing if you had a clock that you enabled and then drew the line in the timer event whether it would have the same issue.

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Hello ewpatton,
it seems, that you are right: during the initialisation phase I have started a timer and after one second the line will be drawn correctly. Therfore, the attached program works as expected.
Is this a general problem and do I have to take this generally into account when programming?

Figure of the program: