Changing the main screen/Make another screen open first upon launching the app instead of screen1

Hi, I am currently creating a mobile application in MIT App Inventor. I first made screen 1 as the game proper, I also made screen 2 as part of the game, and later on the home/index screen. But later on, I realized that I should have created first the home/index screen. I also found out that the properties options for the first screen you made are different (and have a lot more options) than the succeeding screen you will create. Is there a possibility where can I make the home/index screen the "main" screen? What can I do to make the home/index screen the first one that will open upon launching the application? Thanks in advance!

This problem has been asked so many times.
Please search the forum of the sulotions.

Hi, can you help me find the forum with the solution?

You can search like 'first screen', or you can check this FAQ:
FAQ Section: Screens - Frequently Asked Questions - MIT App Inventor Community

Thank you!

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