Changing Order of Screens

Hello. I am a student who is currently making an app following the curriculum of the school.

While I was making the app, I was confused about the order in which I should make the screen, so the screen that was supposed to be on the second is the first one. So when you turn on the app, the second screen appears. What should we do? Is there a way to change the order of the screen?

Hello, I can’t help you but it’s a detail that I didn’t think. I’d like to know the response too !

How to Change the Order of Screens is this what you want to do?

Use the advice at instead of the above link .
The original link was deleted


Yep it’s my situation, Thank you

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I join you all, I believe only way:

start another screen

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So that link shows two choices: the first a youtube video that shows how to export, manipulate, and re-import the .aia files. A bit clumsy, but can get the job done.

I'm confused about the 2nd though. It points to a github repository for something called "MIT-App-Inventor-file-assistant". Is that an app that somehow accomplishes changing order of screens, etc ? Is there any users guide for it ? Does it only work on Windows (not OSX) ?



Did you download the app? There might be instructions

The description says it can change order of screens; run the program to find out exactly what it does.

Yes. The executable is an .exe file . Can it work with OSX? It might work on osx if you have a Windows emulator on your Mac.

Be aware, the File Assistant does not run on my Windows 10 PC.

J'ai téléchargé le programme et lorsque je le lance... il ne se passe rien. Le programme ne se lance pas!

The FileAssistant program for Windows apparently is corrupted or not compatible with some versions of Windows. The link is over five years old. This is not an MIT app. You might contact the author (but I certainly do not know how).

Delete the download. Use the advice at

J'ai suivit les indications de la vidéo, et cela a fonctionné...

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but it must press back button first, not automaticly opened the screen 1

This is the solution to the problem. Soo simple too. Thanks so much

Good Day
May you kindly share the link to downloading the Ai2 File Assistant

ma solution pour inverser l'ordre des écrans est simple: créer un nouveau projet (donc son écran1). Dans l'ancien projet copier écran2 (Ctrl+C sur designer) et le coller sur nouveau projet écran1 (Ctrl+V sur designer). Cela copie les blocs sauf les variables et les procédures qu'il suffit de copier ensuite par le biais du sac à dos.
Dans nouveau projet créer écran 2 dans lequel vous copiez l'écran1 de l'ancien projet.