Certificate update?

Hi. I’m trying to update some of my older apps as they started having bugs as android updated. However, even though the apps were updated using the original files on the same laptop with the same account, Google Play is saying it is “signed with a different certificate to (my) previous APKs.”

Has anyone else had this same issue? Is there an easy way to fix/update these apps? I don’t want to remove the app listing completely and re-upload them, because people who have the app will lose it. But it would be good to fix these bugs.


Was the last release (current Play Store version) created with AI2 and the same account (gmail)?
If so, the keystore should be identical and there should be no problems.

Otherwise, the keystore must be exported from the old account with which the last (still current) Play Store version was created and imported into the new account. Also if another app builder (Thunkable, AppyBuilder etc.) was used previously.

"During the .apk building process your application is signed with a digital private key which is associated with your account."

Hi Anke,

Thanks for your reply. The apps were created with AI2 and the same gmail account. There should be no problems but it seems there is. :frowning:

If the keystore is definitely lost (there is no backup available), the last option is to
ask Google to assign a new keystore (certificate):


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