Can't select BLE Component from list

Hi There,

I have an issue related to the same kind of topics :
When using the block “call BluetoothLE.StartScanning for component” with a list named “BTList” of components [BluetoothLE1,BluetoothLE2,…], even using number “1” as the index of the list BTList generates the error :
“Select List item:Attempt to get item number 1 of a list of length 0:()”

When replacing “Select list item of Global BTList with index 1” by the component BluetoothLE1 directly, it works.
It seems that the “Any component” for BluetoothLE extensions is not accepting list of components.

(Split to new BLE bug topic & assigned to ewp)

@Boibelo Is this happening in the companion or in a compiled app, or both? Can you attach a simple AIA to reproduce the problem?

Hi @ewpatton,
I use onlw apk file for bluetooth connections because I heard the companion can’t emulate such communication. I created an aia example as attached. But it is working pretty well even with “select list item”. I need to investigate further my initial program.
Thanks for your follw-up anyway.
BLETest2.aia (159.7 KB)

I'm not sure where you heard this from, but I mainly test the BLE extension using the companion.

Hi @ewpatton,
how can you simulate the BLE extension and the reading/writing and reception/sending of data with the companion? Do you simulate the BLE beacon with another app/program?

I thought location permissions will not allow the companion to work well with BLE. I always BLE apps test with compiled app.

Hi @ewpatton,

just to let you know that the “select item from list” works now pretty well with all the properties and functions I used for BLE Extension (I don’t write yet, I just read).
However, I wasn’t successful in using “AdvertisementData” so far. Is ther any tuto I could follow or more descriptive usage of this function (I use instead “SupportedCharacteristics” and “ReadShorts”?.


So do I, can't read AdvertisementData, it's always empty :frowning: