Cant read file from internal memories of my phone

I'm trying to read a text file from folder placed in the internal memory of my android device.

The folder is /ConSpa/Conf/ListaControlli.txt

I've no problem until the version 8.0 of android

With version 10 i receive the error 2101 "the file /ConSpa/Conf/ListaControlli.txt could not be found.

Could anyone help me?

What type of component is FileName


The file component.

I also have another application that use the same component, and it works on Android 10 (i use an old apk saved on my pc to install it), but if i try to recreate it,
It does not work anymore.

(PS sorry for my english, i know is not so good)

You have two files?

No just on in folder /ConSpa/Conf/ the file name is ListaControlli.txt

i'm not able to read this file if android version is more than 8.

with version 8 is ok

with version 10 don't work

Try using a variable instead of FileName.text and initializate it with /storage/emulated/see down/your path here
0 is internal storage
sdcard is ... sd card
Note this path just should work if you are testing in apk

Ah, my fault ... I'll delete my posts ...


I create the new apk with a global variable, but i receive the same error,

error 2101:The file /storage/emulòated/0/ConSpa/Conf/ListaControlli.txt could not be found

... but i would still like to see the screenshots.

See here:

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Have you given the permission WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE ?

I'm going to try the Efile Extension. thanks

wonderful it works, thank you

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