Can't make Itoo extension working

Im learning Itoo as I want to use it in an app I plan to make. Based on the examples I found, I tried different scenarios to learn. All not working for me. I post the most simple use case I could think off to demonstrate my issue.

I expect "1" to be displayed in the text box when pressing the button, however it displays "0"

I do see the notification.
It looks like the storeProperty block in procedure "test" is not executed. Same for the other things I tried to do in the background (e.g. Clock, Broadcast).

I using Samsung A52 running Android 14. I also tried a Samsung S8 running Android 9. Im using Itoo Sky V4.1 but I also tried Itoo Sky 4. No result!

What am I missing?

The procedure test needs an argument x, which is missing

From the documentation Open Source • Background Tasks: Itoo 🚀


Working now. Thx a lot!

Hello @Marcel, you are doing almost everything right, except the fact that you missed to add an argument to the procedure "test". Your procedure should look like this:


Notice that "x" argument. It must be present for the procedure to be rightly called.

Thx! It is working now. I just overlooked the x in the samples.

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