Can't delete screen

Hi. I've recently been working on my app but had two tabs open with the same app. I had made some major changes to a screen and saved that but then started working in the other tab on another screen and saved. Now when I reopen my project, I can't open screen4 where i was working in. I didn't mind deleting that screen as it didn't have any important stuff on it but the problem im having now is that i cant delete that screen. Also the app fails to build itself as an .apk because of the problem of that broken screen. Could anyone help me out? Attached is the .aia project file.Light_pollution2.aia (2.7 MB)

Light_pollution2.aia (129.5 KB)


I hope you have learned that you can not open the same project on two tabs. This will give you problems. :wink:

I removed the screen but also one image. That was way to big and could lead to memory problems.



Thank you so much for quick response! I'm delighted to see everything works now and I'll remember to only work in one tab from now on. As for for my location. I think the site is not completely accurate with my location because i live elsewhere in the Netherlands :slight_smile: . I'll look into your advice.

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Working one without removing anything..

Light_pollution1.aia (2.7 MB)

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Thank you. The image I have in there is not important so I guess I'll stick with Peter's version.

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