Cannot read file; Android 5.0.2 is ok, Android 10 not

Hi !

My app was not able to read a file from external storage on my phone.
I studied this link topic new version AI2 nb184 cannot write file and specially the link in it from Anke, but I couldn't find a solution.
I made a small app to test. This is working OK with AI companion and with the apk of the app on my tablet which runs on Android 5.0.2.
Trying the same apk on my smartphone gave no result Error 2101, file cannot be found.
The file is saved in different folders on my phone, so I could try different paths with the app, but nothing works.

Has anybody an idea how to solve this?
tool_read_file_slash.aia (4.1 KB)

See here:

and read the whole thread.

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Looks great!
I copied my files to the ASD and it works with the test app on my phone.
Hope this will work for my app too.
Thank you very much!!

MIT App inventor has some issues with Android 10.
MIT is working on fixing it.

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