Cannot generate QR Code

With the simple example shown I get Error message 707:
"Cannot open file/storage/emulated/0/My Documents/Pictures/app_inventor_16583507404025.png"

This example was displaying a qr code and then stopper working. I reinstalled the extension and the ai2 companion and restarted my phone, all with no improvement. It seems as if the extension is not able to write to the phone storage system.


Hello Bob

This is because of recent security measures introduced by Google on Android.
See this guide:
Some basics on Android storage system by Power User Anke

Always post a link to it.

It's here.

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You can try this extension -

Works perfectly.

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Thanks for everyone's help. The problem has been solved. The issue was that the path identified in the Error message could not be found. The extension I used has the storage location hard coded into it and does not allow the user to change it. This path was missing from my phone. I solved the problem by creating the missing path using a file management app.

Which extension?

I do not believe that. Post a simple test aia to check.

Which path?

It should (also) be possible to create this path programmatically using the File component (or the File extension from @vknow360.