Cannot find the component error

When I try my project I get the error ''Cannot find the component Textbox1'' error. Can someone help me? I am a newbie sorry.

yapay_zeka (1).aia (1.9 MB)

This is the project, Its in Turkish but Its basically supposed to answer the question you ask the AI. When you click the button the screen2 (Loading screen) should open and when the slider reaches the 100 screen1 should come to the screen with the answer of the question.

If you use a clock, turn off the clock before switching the screen.

How can I do it for my code? I am sorry I dont know really.

I think the error because of there is no TextBox1 or ChatBot1 in screen2. How am I supposed to control a component in screen1 while in screen2? I hope I could explain.

Look at tip 1. In 99% of the cases you just need 1 screen when making an app. Use virtual screens.