Cannot download block images of a screen with 3363 blocks

I have an app that contains 2 screens.The screen1 contains 3363 blocks and screen2 1951 blocks.
I have no poblems to download all blocks on screen2 in one go.
However there seems to be a problem or limitation for screens who have too many blocks like my screen1.I can download single blocks but I need all blocks for documentation.If there is a limitation what options do I have to download all screen1 bocks also in one go?
Note:Originally I had 3 screens but merged 2 screens to get rid of TinyDB.Before that I was always able to download block images of all three screens.I think the merging process should not be the problem and just believe that screen1 has too many blocks which App Inventor cannot handle anymore.
If anybody has a solution to download the blocks let me know please
Thanks in advance for any assistance

maybe this helps.

Are your blocks organised or in disarray?


  1. make a copy of your project
  2. Run clean up blocks on Screen1
  3. Try to output all blocks as image

I am stumped.
My main browser is Firefox and I tried it several time without luck.I reconnected to MIT and also reloaded my app to no avail.
Now I installed Chrome because of your aia.file.But before installing it I gave Chrome a try.Not only did it download ALL blocks in one go it also did it 10 times faster than Firefox (when downloading images from smaller block files).
So Problem solved by just installing Chrome.I might have to remove Firefox completely and re-install it from scratch.
I wanted to give your file also a try.Sounds interesting to me getting different block images.But when trying to install it AppInventor didn't accept the filename which was no wonder as it contained characters that does not comply with AppInventors needs.So I quickly renamed it but AppInventor still moans about invalid characters.I renamed it inside AppInventor- maybe I should do it in Windows Explorer instead....
Thanks for your help as you solved the problem by forcing me to install Chrome....

I did that several times.It just didn't work.
Either Firefox as such is the problem or I have to re-install it from scratch as I just found out that I am able to download all block images in Chrome.
But I still prefer Firefox....
thanks for your input
Sometimes you just forget about the little things like cleaning up etc...

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