Can you set a numerical value for digits to be entered in a textbox?

i have a textbox set to "NumbersOnly".. and i want for there to be a minimum and a maximum digits to be entered..or even a certain number of digits required (like 10 digits only for example).

This is a handy event block to catch too much text
It could also be used to enable and disable whatever Enter Button component you use, based on the Textbox.Text length and content.

At a minimum, add tests in the Enter button Click event too, and use a Notifier for bad news.

thank you that was helpful! but can you elaborate more on blocks used to specifiy a Min/max digit limit?

I'm quite new to this app and i'm trying to make a ui..this code isn't working, could you perhaps error-check it?

Please learn

then add an Enter button to your app. where you can move your Click logic.

Do some tutorials at

that's amazing, i didn't know there were files explaning this app. thanks alot!