Can you help me with my game?

Hello, how are you

Can you help me with my game

How can two players match each other in terms of level
I use firebase
I tried a lot and didn't work

My English is weak, use a translator

I made your post public so you can get worldwide support, not just me.
We don't do personal lessons here.
We post for all to learn.


I found the solution and I don't know if it is the best
She also has a problem with that
Players must have a unique tag and here is a fixed tag

You have 11 Firebase components, none of them renamed to give a clue to others as to their purposes.

Make it easier for others to understand your code.

I have 6 Firebase components

It would also help if you posted a screen shot of the Firebase web site where it shows your sample data content, so we can see the structure.

An .aia export would also help to see the Bucket for each component.


tset3.aia (107.0 KB)

I see a contradiction between your Project Buckets in your components, versus your actual data content.

You have 2 Bucket values in your Designer components:

  • tset
  • tset3

Compare that to your actual data content, as posted.

See the bus route and chat tutorials in

for examples of good data structures in Firebase, and how to navigate them.