Can you break or single step code

I have a program that uses nested loops with a list function. Im having all sorts of issues trying to get it to work.
Is it possible to put break points or maybe long delays so i can see variables.

I have a txt file that I'm trying to sort information. I've posted a few times and thought issues were resolved but turns out not.

Basically I'm using 2 list functions, one for the complete file and one for the data I need to extract. Problem is I don't know if Im extracting and putting the right information in the 2nd list function.

I think my issue is every time I extract the data needed I need to clear the list function forthe next round as Im going down the file.

Seems "create empty list" doesn't clear the list data as the list grows larger when it should have reset and taken the next new samples in.

Help would be appreciated


Use a global variable (better to be a List ) to remember the change record of the data, then review it after the loop finish.

The new list blocks in nb191 can simplify your sorting code a lot.

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You can code value functions and feed the output of one into the input of the next, running Do Its along the way to inspect the data as it passes from phase to phase.