Can we make image circle?

Can we make image that we get from image picker circle?

With extension:

You can also just use a button with height and width the same, set to oval.

How to save the image of image picker after selection, it can't save in tiny dp . And when I choose to show the picture of image= tiny dp then the pic disappears but I use image picture if tang not there in screen initialise.

The Selection of ImagePicker is not the origin path of the image.
After you select one image with ImagePicker, the ImagePicker will copy this image to a folder in ASD, and return this copy image's path.
and ImagePicker will trim this temp folder to keep total amount of images no more than 10.

So after you select one image, it's better to copy this to another folder you wanted.
Or use other component like FilePicker or SAF to select file/image.

Ok I will try thanks

Hey it's work but I want to add permission pop up , I do this but error come