Can the Component layout in one app be copied directly to another app without having to recreate it in the larger app?

Is there a way to copy the components of a smaller app which has been developed to test some code I want to add to another larger app, to the larger app? Or do I have to laboriously recreate all the components and layout in the larger app? I.E like copying a tested subroutine from one program to another program?

See here for some useful links:

App Inventor does support copy and paste between projects, however there are some edge cases that we didn't account for so it may or may not work for you. When you copy the information about the layout of the selected component(s) is stored on the system clipboard and then you can switch to another project to paste. This will also copy over the event blocks associated with the given component(s), but you can hold the shift key when pasting to suppress this behavior.