Can I use MIT App Inventor in creating my app?

I'm at ease, knowing its possible, thank you.

Though I still can't find a vid tutorial that could help me on making the log in at sign up using TinyDB, still, I'll take your advice.

Yep, I thought so too, but hoping I could pull it off.
Wish me luck!

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i dont think tinydb is what you need tiny db is a device storage database and not a online database.

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Your suggestions are very much appreciated, how I wish I can finish the project without spending a penny, but I'll consider that extension. Thank you again!

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Your suggestions are very much appreciated, how I wish I can finish the project without spending a penny, but I'll consider that extension.

Thank you again!

the alarm extension sets the built in alarm of the device...
you also could consider using the


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That's so fast! Thank you so much for helping me out.

Is that so? Might removed that from my options then. Thank youuu!

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aah. i think then op will need cloud db

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It depends on your choice. CloudDB might be a good alternative, but your data might be wiped out completely without any signs of warning to make space for other users.

FirebaseStorage? You can create a project in Firebase, then upload your files.

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Data might be wiped out from TinyWebDB if you use it. MIT tell us the TinyWebDB is only for experimentation.

The data will not be randomly wiped out from the default CloudDB server or if CloudDB is used with your own Redis server. MIT has more than sufficient capacity to maintain the files on their server. MIT has told us this.

However your statement is not true with respect to CloudDB. To the best of my knowledge MIT has never deleted user data to make space for other users from its CloudDB server.

FirebaseDB has its issues; the software MIT uses to access FirebaseDB is deprecated code abandoned by Google. Firebase could be made useless for users at any time by Google as happened when Google deprecated Fusion Tables. :cry:


So, as I am doing the tutorials of this app, I encountered some problems, and I don't know what I'm doing wrong, can you guys help me? I don't know how will I explain this, but this is what happening and this is the screenshot of my blocks.

So it's working in Aglaonema Plants, but when I chose the plants under the Snake Plant Category, it output the last type of plant I chose on Aglaonema Plant Category.

A guess. It might be your refresh Procedure calling Aglanonema?

Note you call 5 Procedures in Aglanonema but do not in any other catagory. What happens if you request Snake Plant first? Does the next selection work properly?

I just forgot to remove that.

Um, this is what happens if I chose snake plant first, and when I try to pick again on aglaonema.

if I chose Snake Plant first.

I really tried to think what can I do, I just really don't get why it keeps happening, don't know what to do anymore. Hope someone can help me.

  • consider sharing your aia and/or ALL your Blocks; someone might try to debug the app for you
  • copy your Project as.... Delete all the code except what is needed to select two categories in the copy of the app and debug yourself . The app should be easier to debug if you use a minimal number of code Blocks to make it work. When you get it working, smile.
  • post the code in your call 'plant_name'.Refresh Blocks. It is not clear where this information comes from. Are you using a ListView renamed TutorialCategory to access a database ? A guess: What might be happening is your app does not provide sufficient time to allow execution and you need a Clock to slow down execution. What kind of database are you using?

Your videos are interesting; unfortunately they don't help someone who does not have the aia understand what might be wrong.

I didn't know that. Really?

That info is ancient, MIT have upgraded cloudDB since then.

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Oh I understand now, that's a quick update!

Regardless, for production, users should provide their own redis server implementation for cloudDB blocks.

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