Cloud dB limit and app inventor account after not using

I have made an app which uses clod dB so, i may not be using app inventor a long time but may still use the app. So, my doubt is that if we stop using app inventor, will it delete our account and stop cloud dB for us.
Also, how much data can cloud dB actually hold (max.)

Hello Hisham

Your App Inventor Account will not be deleted. However, you might want to host your own copy of Cloud DB on your own Redis Server and thus have a secure connection.

There is an excellent guide on TimAI2's site:

I don't know what CloudDB's capacity is, I'll ask.

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I once set up a free Redis account and server, for experimentation.
After I stopped using it for a few months, Redis started to nag me about not using it.
After more non-use by me, they deleted the free server instance.

You get what you pay for.

Can u pls show how to use spreadsheet to store and also get data
I have not used spreadsheet much and have doubts on how to get the data stored in it
And how to clear the spreadsheet

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It is for experimental purposes only you cannot make a commercial app from that. It's good for personal use. If you want to make a commercial app, you can use redis server

How can we use got value and data changed also in spreadsheet.

Also, like in cloud dB we can get a specific data using tag, can we get/send data from/to a specific cell of the spreadsheet?

Hi Hisham

Do you have your own website? If you do, TinyWebDB is another consideration.

Can you tell us the capacity your database needs to have?

Edit: In fact, we do not know what your App does - so we shouldn't be answering your random questions without that knowledge as DB systems are defined to suit different requirements. So that's where we need to start:

  1. What does your App Do.
  2. If it has multiple Users, how many?
  3. What type of data needs to be stored-retrieved?
  4. If more than one User, where in the world are they? This question is important because not all programs can handle right-to-left languages.

A specific cell in a spreadsheet counts as a range, which has an easy Web GET, described in the FAQ I mentioned above.

Updating a cell requires more work, in other FAQ posts above.

I donot have my own website
•The app is a chat app but it also requires cloud for storing name,point, sending notification to users,etc

•Only some, maybe 5 or 6,as of now as it is not completed

•Chat data(list), and some datas like
tag-points value-250

•They mostly only speak using english letters

  • right, so Google Sheets would be good enough, but you may need to delete 'old' data (chats) on a regular basis.

@ChrisWard, Spreadsheet is harder than what I thought :thought_balloon:
I have been getting errors like this :Syntax Error - Unclosed quoted cell

And also @ABG and @TIMAI2 I can't understand how to use the the got value

So, can I just use the cloud dB, I thought of making the chatdata send to cloud dB temporary, that is the data will be stored long time only on tiny dB but a little in cloud
Then, will there be any problem

Or is there any understandable way of viewing the data easily in listview just like cloud dB because I'm new to reading spreadsheet in listview

In cloud dB we can easily store everything using tags , is there a similar way to do this in spreadsheet too?

@ChrisWard @TIMAI2 @ABG,

I'm not making a commercial app
And very less amount of people (mostly 5 or 6) are using it, just for fun, testing it & chat

Very less amount of data may be stored because the I'm thinking of storing the chatdata in tiny dB itself.

So can I use cloud dB itself
Will it be possible
Because the app may have thousands of blocks and it takes a long time to replace blocks

You can, but:

  1. You may run out of space (the MIT cloudDB files max out at 5mb)
  2. Your data may be routinely wiped, without warning, by the server to recover space for other users
  3. Connectivity may be slow or difficult at times of high usage

Thnx Tim, these are ok, I think I may need very less amount of data

Thanks to everyone for answering :blush:

You can have syntax errors in any form of code - that is simply mistakes being made by the Developer........

You can but I recommend to see through redis server

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