Can I tell how long it will be until an active timer will fire?

I have searched but haven't seen this asked. I

Is there anyway to tell how much time is left on a timer that will expire sometime in the future? I would like to periodically display the seconds remaining on the timer.


By putting inverse count down in clock event.

I don't understand what you mean. Can you describe how to put "inverse count down in clock event".
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Something like this:


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I like to use a deadline (SystemTime ms) variable instead of a counter.

That way, you won't slip a cog if you miss a countdown opportunity.

Thanks for the ideas. Not exactly what I was looking for but good techniques.

Then provide an explanation or example blocks (so far) of what you want to achieve...

The example you provide will work, just a different approach.

I have already use a formula to calculate when the timer will fire. I would like to just ask the time how many ms is left, but it appears that isn't an option. I can use your option, just needs a little additional code.

I marked you suggestion as a solution.

Thanks again

How many ms is left up to what?
The timer component is quite sluggish and takes at least 20-30ms to work/be triggered (depending on the performance of the test device).

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