Can i change position of "Notifier alert"?

about this, can i move it easly? (without extensions?)

No, you can not move the Notifier.Alert display position.

You can provide a Label to provide your own 'notification' using Blocks or post your message in the Title block with a Clock and use the Clock to post the information momentarily.

thank you Steve!

then it will make problems to be more complicate...

then, is there extension about it? i saw some thread but it was only for popup. or i misunderstood

you can find the extensions directory here
yes, there are Toast or Notifier extensions available...


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.

:Y but it stand for "notifier" in them, showing popup or notification bar...
is it work as alert too? (alert : in the picture)

thank you for replying!

try one of these
Toast with X Y values Extension by Andres Daniel
Custom Toast (including Picture) Extension by Said Dev (5 USD)
Toast Extension by help_cttricks
Custom Toast Extension by krishjha07
Toast Extension by Salman_Dev



Thank you! totally solved
but can i ask one more? as basic.
is there way to get screen size as px? or percent?
want to set pos.y as %, cz every devices heights are different.

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seems cannot get exact size without extension lol
thanks a lot! :wink:

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Galaxy Note 3 →

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what is "arrangement"? is it from extension tools?


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so as a result, the basic components cannot recognize random device's size withouth extension. right?
ofc i tried of tools but my user is not definated about device. even someone using "Zfold2"... my mission(?) was "position it to downner without blocking contents"

and if i have to use extensions.... in a word, "annoying demand" lol

then whatever i should use the position to upper lol thanks a lot

Why not just use screen.hight x 0.90 for 90% or whatever you want.

basic arrangment of 'screen' pointing just 640px(or another different with real device size or whatever not about actual device screen size)...

ofc i tried what like you saying, failed. the result position was totally upper even if i set 50%, 90%, 10%. (each trys different result tho)


she is saying "use size dictionary(?) to get correct size"
but i have to get size from device information bcz i wont update each time problem be occured by new device...
so gaveup!
thank you :slight_smile:

Gaveup? :cry:

Try this instead Mok Build a 'Notifier' Alert from Blocks - an alternative way to provide a notification alert

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