Can anyone make an extension for me

component name- we should enter the component name (eg. Button,CheckBox)
gives out the property of the component name

This ..?


component should be name like Buttton

string type

the output is the property such as background enabled image text color

But I am thinking:

  • What if the input is BUTTON or button instead of Button?

  • There are 88 components in App Inventor if you count Screen (Kodular has 182 components if you count Screen) and infinity extensions. Is the developer going to make an extension that covers all of these components?

  • @TIMAI2 made an AltNotifier extension. In the meantime, maybe another developer also made an AltNotifier extension with the same name. What output should it choose?

  • What is the purpose of the extension? Why would someone need that?



Do you mean an extension that does this?

The screenshot was photoshopped, obviously.

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You could use @Kevinkun 's CompCreator extension to return the component properties:

( I have only added a few of the properties in the screenshot, and note that properties will be different for different types of component)

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The question is that the OP wants an extension that covers all of the components. It would be difficult if we are going to create a simple method that covers all components and all blocks.

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do you want to get a list of all properties of some components? this can be done with extension using reflect.

yes exatly

and also for functions(methods) and also for events

can anyone make extension for me like what i have suggested

To whomstever wishes to make this extension (perhaps I might endeavor to do it, too)—all of this information is present on the App Inventor site. This information can be stored in a dictionary, and that dictionary can be implemented into an extension.

can you explain how can we do this

Sorry if you misapprehended my intention; the post was more of a general one.

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ok . can anyone make extension where the property method and event would be returned when the type of component is mentioned

Please stop posting the same thing–this is known as bumping, and is generally frowned upon within this (and other) communities. We're trying our best to help you at the present moment.


You can also use Dynamic Components extension to get the property of any component.

Also, You may not require any extension too if you use methods from anyComponent.