Can Anyone Make a Speech Recognizer Extension without google dialog

Download the ZIP, the aix file is in the ZIP file. There is also a java source and a sample aia project.

I already downloaded the .zip
We have:
Example(folder) ~ Example.aia
Folder ~ ullisroboterseite(folder) ~ Folder ~ aiwebres ~ icon.png
Folder ~ ullisroboterseite(folder) ~ Folder

Zip inside:

I too got the same folders but I renamed them for me to understand

See there is an aix file or not yet?

There is no .aix file

I will also mark file aix in red so that you can see better:

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I am sorry
I opened it in the extensions folder
so it got mixed up in all the .aix file
Thank You So Much

But still we cannot do this because email-id given in that website is invalid it is like:

Maybe you can try this extension. It should work.

In the Properties, uncheck 'Enable Google Dialog' if it is checked. You can also do that in the Blocks Editor if you want.

Sc Speech Recognizer.aix (20.1 KB)


I've already tried this but I want this extension for my app submitted Appathon 2021, here the rules of appathon are we should take permission from developers to use their extension. I also asked him on Kodular Community but he didn't reply:

Maybe try searching in the Pura Vida Apps directory by Taifun. If you're using Windows, hit the shortcut Ctrl-F and search. I once, too, was searching for the same problem on Google, but what I found were extensions from the AppyBuilder community, which is closed.


That is all of what I know.

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I think the Appathon is due on 30th or 31st of July. A few days should be enough for the owner to reply.

Or, these topics may be helpful to you. If you want, take a look at them.

I have zero knowledge of Java, so sorry, I can't make an extension.

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Its okay Thank You

@SRIKAR_B.S.S You're welcome!

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is also showing Google Dialog

You do not need an extension to remove the Google dialog from the Speech Recognizer.

Look at this tutorial

You turn off legacy mode as recommended by Kumaraswamy. :slight_smile: You do this by unchecking the legacy box in the SpeechRecognizer.


Will this work...

Thank You So So Much :hugs: @Kumaraswamy
This actually works :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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