Camera live view stream

Is this of interest to anyone to look at and suggest a way to achieve it or perhaps develop an extension? I am unsure of the procedure for this but it was suggested I cross post here from the main forum:-

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What you are asking for is something we discussed in the last Global Developers Meetup.
Adding a component that allows “embedding” the camera into the app. We didn’t talked too much about it.

You may want to check these links

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@Diego @ellelili2025 is working on this as part of one of our AI projects. However, I think that @DavePreston is specifically looking for integration with a dedicated Sony camera, not the Android device’s built in camera.


Many thanks for your prompt response,
My requirement is a bit more specialised so probably not going to make mainstream AI2.
The live feed is sent from a Sony camera connected using a Direct Wifi connection. I can connect to the camera, take a photo, zoom in and out using standard blocks to send Json HTTP requests using the well documented Sony Camera Remote API. I can start the liveview, which returns a URL, which I can set in a Webviewer but it understandably can’t decode the live stream, which is encapsulated jpegs. They provide the data structure and SDK with a sample java project and the “slicer” utility to serve the jpeg images seamlessly, which works in their own and other downloadable Android apps.
If I try to access the feed in Chrome it just tries to download it but can’t of course as it never ends.
I am unsure if it is possible using code in blocks to take that feed and display it, or can take the java code and call it in some way in AI2, convert it to javascript or HTML 5 and use that (though it contains classes) or if it could be done with an extension?
I would like to do it myself but I am new to AI2 or any Android development, and my programming experience is mainly VB desktop applications, so any advice on how to proceed would be appreciated.
I have a working solution by running a downloaded app from the Google Play store alongside my own AI2 created one that controls a motorised tripod head to pan and tilt the camera, but the downloaded app provides features I don’t want and I have improved on some it has got so would love to get it all in a single app. The Sony app won’t even allow another app to be run at the same time, it just shuts down

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@DavePreston you mean, you want make app to streaming ipwebcam :thinking:

No, it isn’t an IP camera, it is a Sony digital camera

Sorry @DavePreston im still not understand :joy:
What do you want …
you want make broadcast app/streaming video like ipcamera :joy: …
you want remote camera sony…

sorry my english poor :sweat_smile: