Call_recorder App

I’m new here and new at invertor
I have a question ,
I want to build an App that record calls Incoming and outgoing automatically
It is possible to build such an app in “App invertor”?

thanks :slight_smile:

:cry: Sorry Orin, this is not possible with App Inventor 2.


Hello everyone, I want to make a call recorder. But I couldn't connect the phone to my app. How do I send data to the app to start recording when my phone is called? Are there any extensions?

Sorry; you cannot. See also Call Recording Extention

That's not completely true.
MediaRecorder is able to record calls.

@vknow360 Those links indicate how a developer can possibly record using Java/Kotlin. Can you show an example using App Inventor using MediaRecorder to automatically answer the phone and record? That would be neat if you can do it.

An extension is needed to auto pick a call.
But for recording my ScreenRecorder extension just needs few more property blocks for Audio Source and Video Source.

:slight_smile: OK. You believe it is possible with an extension that does not yet exist. So "Sorry; you cannot." is true for Oron (and every other App Inventor user at the moment). He can't " build an App that record calls Incoming and outgoing automatically" unless he creates an extension.

Yes, that's true.
We can say that a particular thing can't be done in App Inventor if that is not possible to do in Android.
We don't know when an extension developer will come up with that extension.

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yes Sunny you are right