Call element index from list of list

hi, how can call a element text separated from coma like this in the list of list : like 3 names : carlos, juan, jaime. and call every value string for read and get the number index or the text string.

I am not sure what you are asking.

Maybe study the list blocks that have CSV in their names.

Is this what you want to do ?


or this ?

See the introductory section of

yes i get that but i need to get a number value of index position no the string. this is for build a sequence number using strings and words or letters and get a logic construction using numbers for every letter in my program.

other question please help me, how can define a value number of a word like that, this is an example: i define the number 10 for the word "build" and when i call this i need to get not the string, i need to get the value number that i am define previously.

Let us slowly take you through the list documentation :wink:


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